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Aaaaaaaaaaand we're back live with Joe

Friday the 5th of September, 2014 | Category: Log | Comment


You might be thinking my blog looks a bit empty, in doing so you'd have assatained the obvious - it is in fact empty (until I upload this post of course.) I have deleted everything, don't be alarmed, I backed it up first to make sure that I had a record of the dirge that had come before. However, through no fault of my own that backup has now also fallen victim to the recycle bin.

The reason for the sudden purge of three to four years of writing is simple, I'm moving on in my life and my days of teenage angst are sadly over and I'm looking at moving in a more consistent and focussed direction with my blog. Before I had lots of things running in series which I didn't really update at all, and those that I did were rushed and poorly written.

So now I'm starting again, and I'm starting at a turning point in my life. This month I'll be starting my degree in Creative Writing at York St John University, it's a pretty big deal for me, I'd originally planned to spend this year working and go to university next year, but not so long ago I had an interview with South Yorkshire Police for an IT based position, the upshot of which was that whilst I talked well and presented myself better than most, I didn't have the experience in the area and I didn't have a degree to make up for the lack of it. I was, in short, told that if I had a degree, any interview I had would have a much higher chance of a positive outcome.

So there I was, two weeks ago, sat on my sofa wasting a day for the 200th time this year and in a moment that can only be summed up in the juvenile phrase, "yolo" I rang the university to find out if I could go this year, and, when they said I could, I said I would, and that was that.

This comes after A-Level results day in England, and in all honesty my results weren't great in the grand scheme of things, but I achieved what I expected and I'm certainly happy with them. My experience studying for my A-Levels isn't one that I regret but it's not one I'd repeat given the choice, the social aspect is what pulled me through it. That's not to say I didn't enjoy the lessons, but I think it's fair to say I picked out of necessity (where I was allowed) which did not translate well into what I actually wanted to do. The subjects were okay, certainly in respect to some of the teachers, the philosophy department especially was comprised of what I can only describe as the most conscientious and skilled teachers that I've encountered.

Philosophy was definitely the most enjoyable of my subjects, it was just taught better and was more interesting than the rest in my opinion. Of course there's always English Literature, I can't deny it wasn't taught well, but my issues with it were not associated with that particular college, rather, on a curriculum level I felt that English Literature was taught too rigidly and lacked all of the creativity and potential for genuine interest that the subject should inherently posses.

Then there's physics, I'll not say too much, it was fun, it was interesting, but it wasn't for me. Physics where I studied didn't require A-Level maths as a partner subject and I think it should have, because that'd have made it a lot more clear about just how much maths was a part of it, because there wasn't - in my experience - enough of a warning. I took it based on my A* in GCSE physics, but, as with maths, there is no comparison between the GCSE and A-Level versions of the subject.

Before that but after I finished TRC I went to Austria with my best friend, James which was probably the crowning moment of the year so far, I dined like a king - or rather, for the first time I ate properly. We hiked mountains, we swam, we (or James at least) spent an ungodly amount of time in a Sauna. We explored the picturesque towns and the bustling cities and it was just great, I can't think of anyone I'd have rather shared what is in fact my favourite (I've been over eleven times now) country with.

When I write, as I just have, what is essentially a summary of nine months of my life, and it fits into what is basically three points, it seems like I've not done very much at all despite the fact it feels as though I have. But, that's me, the essence of doing nothing and still somehow managing to get stressed because I'm doing too much.

I plan to post a lot more in the coming weeks, but what I'll be posting I cannot say, you'll just have to stay tuned to find out!

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