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I used to love you but you have beat that out of me. Your attitude is nowa cancer that is poisoning mme. Worse yet, you are teaching or daughter how to be a hateful, controlling and evil bitch.

I haven't showered for over 2 weeks, I have just been using the sea and pools as my source of cleaning and it was very liberating. However this lovely period of smelling different will end today

16 year relationship ended a year ago. so here i am getting it of my chest on social media, because no one to talk to. feel totally isolated. family have all carried on as if i was never there. ex denies seeing somebody else, making me totally paranoid, imagination running wild. you think you have found yor soul mate only to find they have no soul. six years ago i wanted to end it all, but thought of the consequences for my family. six years of shit later and i cant see any reason to carry on.

I have bisexual tendencies. I'm not sure of my sexuality. :

there are no where near enough places to hide and stay hidden in this always on social media world

Love unrequited Noose not tight enough perhaps or somewhat too loose

I'm so stressed about exams, I think I'm gonna fail, I just can't cope :'(

I proper feel lost! Like almost invisible :/ I mean I have plenty of friends and a boyfriend too but I feel like if I wasn't there I wouldn't be missed..

I've decided to redirect anonpost dot com here =] enjoy..

i cant take this shit anymore, so im going to end it and my eyes will close for the last time no more pain no more hate

To all the judgmental people that have told me to go to hell because of my sexuality, this is for you... I can't help that I'm Bisexual. It's not my choice, it's who I am. So I'm sorry I don't live up to you're standards. But I'm happy with being me. My time to stand up and be strong. FUCK THE HATERS.

I fucking hate myself. I feel like absolute shit. Fuck all of you

Here's whats going to happen. One by one the people in your "scene" will die off. Either by marriage, work or general disinterest. Slowly the amount of people will simmer down to a swampy quagmire of die-hards, like soup left in a pot too long. The handful that are left will begin to fight over who was there first and who started the "scene", who is fake and who keeps it "real". Eventually the sense of community that was there will have rendered itself into a memory, kept alive by chance meetings on the street on online. Talk of the good old days and "remember when" will take over from reality and the bands that the "scene" pumped out will disappear into the night. Random Facebook posts from people telling you that such and such persons band have broken up because they weren't into it anymore or because a key member moved away to face reality and get a job become more apparent and repetitive. However, from this all of this will come real friendships and partnerships that may well last a life time. Reality will filter away all the nonsense and either leave you like you hit the reset button on life or it will prove to be a defining movement that you were involved in. A time that mattered, maybe just to you and your weirdo friends. But maybe it mattered. Fuck the scene. Fuck genres. Music is music.

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